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Precision Under Pressure: Every Test. Every Time.

TestApp is the first, and only, mobile app specifically designed for pressure testing. RCP created this new software to enable gas distribution operators to wirelessly record pressure test data and automatically generate final test reports, all through the convenience of their phone or tablet.

Why are we so sure that TestApp is the most efficient and effective Pressure Test Solution?

  • Accuracy with Ease
    No more making guesses off of values from a chart. TestApp collects accurate, time-stamped pressure readings directly from digital gauges via Bluetooth technology.
  • Automatic Validation of Test Results 
    Our mobile app effortlessly verifies each pressure test to ensure it meets your company’s specific acceptance criteria.
  • Elimination of Manual Errors
    TestApp adds another layer of data protection by allowing users to avoid having to manually edit pressure readings and timestamps.
  • Paperless Reporting
    TestApp generates a digital final report at the end of each pressure test that includes logs and charts. The report can then be emailed as needed or uploaded to your company server.
  • No Signal? No Problem! 
    TestApp can store your data locally, on your phone or tablet, when you don’t have cell or Wi-Fi signal. Later, that data can be emailed as needed or uploaded to your preferred systems once an internet connection has been restored.

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