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Indiana Pipeline Safety Regulation Amendments

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission provided notice that they intend to amend pipeline safety regulations, including the following items.

  • Amends 170 IAC 5-3-0.5, 70 IAC 5-3-0.6, 170 IAC 5-3-1, 170 IAC 5-3-2, 170 IAC 5-3-3, 170 IAC 5-3-4, and 170 IAC 5-3-5 to make various updates, incorporate new federal regulations through July 1, 2021.
  • Specify application of federal regulations to farm taps.
  • Add requirements applicable to flexible risers.
  • Require pressure relief on low pressure stations.
  • Require filing of uprate plans with the Pipeline Safety Division.
  • Adds 170 IAC 5-3-2.1, 170 IAC 5-3-2.2, 170 IAC 5-3-2.3, 170 IAC 5-3-2.4, 170 IAC 5-3-2.5, 170 IAC 5-3-2.6, and 170 IAC 5-3-4.1 to require system maps, records for pre-tested pipe, and records of instrument calibration; specify the establishment of MAOP on distribution systems; clarify this rule’s application to farm taps; require specified information in construction packets, and to provide guidelines as to enforcement of violations.

For more information about these changes or to inquire how RCP could assist to prepare for implementation of regulatory programs to address these amendments, contact Jessica Foley.