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PHMSA Max Civil Penalty Adjustment Final Rule

[RIN 2105-AE99]

DOT issued a final rule increasing the maximum civil penalties that PHMSA may assess for violations of the federal Pipeline Safety Laws (49 CFR Part 190 – Pipeline Safety Enforcement and Regulatory Procedures) to reflect the 2021 inflation adjustment. Effective May 3, the maximum civil penalty for each pipeline safety violation increased from $222,504 to $225,134 per violation per day, and the maximum penalty for a related series of pipeline safety violations increased from $2,225,034 to $2,251,334. The maximum additional penalty for LNG pipeline safety violations increased from $81,284 to $82,245. These increased penalties apply only to violations occurring after the effective date.

For a copy of the Federal Register Notice that includes all civil penalty adjustments from DOT, contact Jessica Foley.