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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Proposed Regulation Changes


The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is proposing a draft set of changes and additions to the 170 IAC 5-3. Many of the changes are clarifications to the existing regulations and modifications to 49 CFR 192. These clarifications include more precise definitions, providing detailed examples and specific reporting requirements. The proposed definition changes include ‘operator’ to include transportation of gas, hazardous liquid or carbon dioxide for sale, commercial use or for use by another person. Modifications to the 192 requirements include additional requirements for pressure testing, leak surveys, compliance options and service line requirements. The proposed changes additions also include changes to Indiana requirements for farm taps, reporting requirements and recordkeeping requirements.

A comment period for these changes ends November 12, 2021. To track the status of the rulemaking, to make comment or see the comments, click here. For additional information about how RCP can help you with these changes, contact Jessica Foley.