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Introducing TestOp®

The software that RCP utilizes on-site to validate our customer’s pressure tests is now available to license. The license allows operators to create, plan, simulate, execute and generate comprehensive reports of pressure tests using a web-based platform with optional offline data upload capabilities. Some key features of TestOp® include:

  1. Useful for any pressure test conducted under
    • 49 CFR 192 Subpart J Test Requirements
      • Gas transmission
      • Gas distribution
      • Regulated gas gathering
    • 49 CFR 195 Subpart E Pressure Testing
    • ASME B31.3 Process Piping, Section 345 Testing
  2. All allowable test mediums
    • Water
    • Nitrogen
    • Air
    • Natural gas
  3. Applications
    • New construction
    • Repairs & replacements
    • Uprates
    • Conversion of service
    • Integrity / MAOP verification
    • Grandfathered pipe
    • Spike / elevated pressure testing
    • Pipeline integrity assessments, including ASME B31.8S, Table 3
Pressure Test Services

RCP is a leading industry expert on pressure testing. We design and validate pressure tests using a proprietary web-based program (TestOp®) that calculates the allowable pressure/temperature change for a particular test segment, confirming or denying the presence of pin-hole leaks while also detecting possible pipe yielding or air entrapment during a spike. RCP also offers Pressure Test Workshops that teach you how to plan for a pressure test from start to finish, and how to determine/prove if the test was successful.

To request a demonstration or obtain more information on RCP’s pressure test services, contact Jessica Foley.