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Passing of the Baton

Cheryl Trench, President of Allegro Energy Consulting, has analyzed and summarized the data in the Pipeline Performance Tracking System (PPTS) since its inception more than 15 years ago. She has provided keen insights, with great wit, and never refused to speak truth to power concerning performance within the liquid pipeline industry. She gave a presentation at the 2015 API Pipeline Conference concerning the history and accomplishments of PPTS – which are many, and substantial. The liquids pipeline industry owes a debt of gratitude to Cheryl for all her contributions, which was reflected in small part by an award from API and a standing ovation from the audience. I count Cheryl as a dear and personal friend, as do many in the industry, and am humbled that RCP will be taking on the responsibilities for PPTS support in the future. We will be standing on the shoulders of a giant.