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Kansas Gas Regulations Revisions

On December 26, 2014 the Kansas Corporation Commission made the following changes to their regulations governing natural gas pipelines found in Agency 92 Article 11:

  • Added definitions for “Town border station”
  • Revised definition for “Yard line”
  • Updated Section 82-11-4 to adopt applicable federal regulations in effect as of October 1, 2013 from 2010 with the following exceptions / changes
    • Replaced “administrator” in the federal regulations with “commission”
    • Added information to exclude adoption of forwards, table of contents and indexes to 49 CFR 192.7(c) and also to exclude the adoption of Appendix X.1.4 “appeals to HSB actions” from the adoption of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.’s policies and procedures for developing hydrostatic design basis, hydrostatic design stresses, pressure design basis, strength design basis and minimum required strength ratings for thermoplastic piping materials or pipe dated May 2008.
    • Deleted existing language in 49 CFR 192.181(a) and replaced with the following “Each high-pressure distribution system shall have valves spaced to reduce the time to shut down a section of main in an emergency. Each operator shall specify in its operation and maintenance manual the criteria as to how valve locations are determined using, as a minimum, the considerations of operating pressure, the size of the mains, and the local physical conditions. The emergency manual shall include instructions on where operating personnel can find maps and other means of locating emergency valves during an emergency. Each area of residential development constructed after May 1, 1989, shall be provided with at least one valve to isolate it from other areas.”
    • Added the word “existing” to the extra subsection of 49 CFR 192.317 added to the Kansas regulation.
  • Removed a sentence previously added to 49 CFR 192.703 requiring the replacement, repair or removal from service within 5 days of any class 1 leak after the conditions are no longer hazardous.
  • Cleaned-up section 82-11-11 Fees
  • Made various minor editorial changes