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Meet me at the Conference

Have you registered and confirmed your reservations for these upcoming conferences? RCP will have representatives speaking at both API and AGA.

API 2012 Pipeline Conference
Phoenix, AZ | April 17 – 19

  • “Preventing Incidents through Accelerated Industry Learning”
    Bill Byrd, Speaker/Panelist
    Wednesday Morning, April 18

AGA Operations Conference
San Francisco, CA | May 1 – May 4

  • “Findings from the Industry Learning Study”
    Bill Byrd, Speaker
    Wednesday Afternoon, May 2, Track B1

    AGA and other major pipeline industry associations in the US and Canada commissioned a study to look at programs that have been developed in industries outside the pipeline industry (nuclear, aviation, chemicals, etc.) to improve their industry’s safety performance. This presentation will present some key findings and their potential application to the pipeline industry.
  • “MAOP Validation Process at Williams Gas Pipeline”
    Chris Foley (RCP) and Glenn Koch (Williams Gas Pipeline)
    Thursday Afternoon, May 3, Track G1

Summer / Fall Conference Schedule

LGA 191/192 & 195 Pipeline Safety Conference
New Orleans, LA | July 23 -27

SGA Operating Conference & Exhibits
Ft. Worth, TX | July 23 – 25

Western Region Gas Conference
Tempe, AZ | August 21 & 22

International Pipeline Conference
Calgary, Canada | September 24 – 28