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MMS Notice to Pipeline ROW Holders in the OCS Coastal Zone Management Program Requirements for OCS ROW Pipeline Applications

The Minerals Management Services (MMS) has issued NTL 2007-G20 to provide notice and assistance regarding compliance with the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) regulations at 15 CFR 930, Subpart D, as they pertain to OCS ROW pipeline applications to the MMS, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region (GOMR). Effective date: May 25, 2007.

Subpart D of 15 CFR 930 sets forth specific requirements concerning the implementation of Federal consistency provisions of the CZMA for activities requiring Federal licenses and permits and delineates the responsibilities of applicants, MMS, and affected States. Title 15 CFR 930.53(a) requires all State agencies to develop a list of Federal license or permit activities that affect any coastal use or resource, including reasonably foreseeable effects outside of its coastal zone, and which the State agency wishes to review for consistency with its Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP). This list must be included as part of each State’s CZMP, and the Federal license or permit activities must be described in terms of the specific licenses or permits involved.

All of the Gulf States and some of the Atlantic States have identified OCS ROW pipeline applications as a “listed” activity requiring consistency review. Therefore, the MMS GOMR will not approve an ROW pipeline application until each such affected State has:

  • given a general concurrence for the activities [15 CFR 930.53(b)], or
  • concurred with the consistency certification accompanying the application, or
  • been conclusively presumed to concur with the certification accompanying the application.

This NTL supersedes NTL No. 2002-G15, which was effective December 20, 2002.

For a copy of NTL 2007-G20, contact Jessica Roger.