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Notification of the Susceptibility to Premature Brittle-Like Cracking of Older Plastic Pipe – correction.

In the Federal Register of November 26, 2002, ( 67 FR 70806 ) the Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) published a notice document issuing an advisory bulletin on the susceptibility to premature brittle-like cracking of older plastic pipe (ADB-02-7). RSPA has submitted a correction notice to reflect minor wording changes and include a website address.

The last sentence in the first paragraph of the Supplementary Information is revised to read as follows:

Copies of this report may be obtained by calling NTSB’s Public Inquiry Office at 202-314-6551, or on the NTSB website at

In the fourth paragraph under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION, the first sentence, remove the word “suggests” and replace with the word “states”, to read:

The NTSB report states that …

In the fourth paragraph under Supplementary Information, the third sentence, remove the word “alleges” and replace with the word “concluded”, to read:

NTSB concluded that …

Under II. Advisory Bulletin (ADB-02-7) of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION heading, in the second paragraph under Advisory, the fourth sentence, replace “the following” with “, but are not limited to:”, to read:

These older polyethylene pipe materials include, but are not limited to:…