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Ohio Updates Gas Regulations

On December 19, 2013 the Ohio Public Utilities Commission published updates to their regulations in 4901.1.16. Substantial changes in that update include:

  • Added definitions for “gas gathering pipeline”, “gas gathering / processing plant pipeline operator”, “Gas processing plant”, “horizontal well”, “MAOP”, “Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act”, “processing plant gas stub pipeline”, “raw natural gas”, and “raw natural gas liquids.”
  • Updated definition for “transportation of gas”
  • Extended regulation to cover gas gathering / processing plant pipeline operator’s.
  • Updated Section 4901:1-16-04 Record, maps, inspections, and leak classifications to include gas gathering/processing plant pipeline operators to comply with the requirements of this section.
  • Throughout the regulation, the website for the commission was updated to be
  • Expanded Section 4901:1-16-08 Service of notices and investigative reports, Section 4901:1-16-11: Settlement agreements and stipulations, Section 4901:1-16-12 Commission Proceedings and Section 4901:1-16-14 Payment of forfeitures and payments made pursuant to stipulation to include gas gathering/processing plant pipeline operators.
  • Added Section 4901:1-16-15 outlining the requirements for gas gathering pipelines and processing plant stub pipelines. These requirements cover:
    • Design, installation, initial inspection and testing,
    • Corrosion control,
    • Damage prevention programs,
    • Public education programs,
    • Establishing MAOP,
    • Pipeline markers,
    • Leakage surveys, and
    • Reporting of pipeline construction.

For a copy of these Ohio gas updates, contact Jessica Roger.