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PHMSA Develops New Online Code of Federal Regulations Mobile Application

PHMSA has developed a new online Code of Federal Regulations (oCFR) mobile application. The oCFR app was released to both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for use on iOS and Android mobile devices, and is free. The oCFR app provides the ability to search, view and navigate PHMSA’s Hazardous Materials Regulations in 49 CFR parts 100-180, as well as the Pipeline Safety Regulations in 49 CFR parts 190-199. The mobile app allows users to navigate regulations at the paragraph level.

The oCFR mobile application is a simplified version of the web-based application which was released to the public in March of 2016 ( The web-based application enables more detailed exploration of relevant letters of interpretation, enforcement actions, etc., than the app.

Editor’s cautionary note: The regulations contained in the web-based application (and presumably the mobile app) are only updated once a year. Thus, they may not reflect recent rulemaking activity.

Hint: Since this is a PHMSA-wide app, it includes all the hazmat regs which must be scrolled through (and through, and through) to get to the pipeline regs (which are dead last, numerically). Searching is quick and easy if you know the citation you want, or at least a key word from a section title. If you want to browse the gas pipeline regulations, for example, enter “192.” in the search window, which will take you to all the sections that start with 192 (and skip over all that hazmat stuff…).