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Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas (Hazardous Liquid Operators With Less Than 500 Miles of Pipelines)

The DOT has extended the Pipeline Integrity Management regulations (previously applicable only to operators of more than 500 miles of hazardous liquid pipelines) to operators with less than 500 miles of regulated pipelines. The DOT has taken this action because safety recommendations, statutory mandates, and accident analyses indicate that coordinated risk control measures are needed for public safety and environmental protection in addition to compliance with traditional safety standards. Broadening the coverage of the existing regulations will further enhance the protection of high consequence areas against the risk of pipeline failures. This Final Rule takes effect February 15, 2002. This rule is essentially the same as the previous rule for “large” liquid pipeline operators, but with different compliance dates. Operators of less than 500 miles of hazardous liquid pipeline will need to:

Identify pipelines / segments by November 18, 2002 Prepare the written integrity management plan by February 18, 2003 Complete the first 50% of baseline assessments by August 16, 2005. Complete the last 50% of baseline assessments by February 17, 2009 The complete rule is available on RCP’s website here. And, as always, RCP would be glad to add your company to our growing list of Pipeline Integrity Management clients….