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Pipeline Safety Trust Newsletter – #2

The second edition of the Pipeline Safety Trust’s newsletter is now available at: The Pipeline Safety Trust promotes fuel transportation safety through education and advocacy, by increasing access to information, and by building partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government, and industry, that result in safer communities and a healthier environment.

This newsletter contains more than a dozen articles concerning pipeline safety from a wide variety of perspectives. A disclaimer in the newsletter states: Some of the articles in this newsletter are attributed to other authors. The opinions and facts presented in those articles are those of the authors, and not of the Pipeline Safety Trust. We may agree with them, we may not, but we do think it is important that all legitimate views on pipeline safety are known and discussed.

Editor’s note: As the disclaimer says: we may agree with them, we may not. But if you deal with the public on pipeline safety issues, it is well worth the time to review the articles in this newsletter to obtain a better understanding of the perspectives and concerns that some members of the public have about pipeline safety.