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RCP Adds More Experience to its Roster

In March/April, RCP added two new employees to our roster.

Gary Welch, PHD, recently joined RCP as an Executive Consultant. In his 32 years of industry experience, Gary has demonstrated his expertise in several technical disciplines including nearly all aspects of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE), corrosion research and materials selection, and production engineering. Dr. Welch has a distinguished background in stress corrosion cracking research and metallurgical engineering, and has produced multiple articles for publication on this subject matter. He also has in-depth knowledge and expertise on complex regulatory and risk-management issues, having managed large risk analysis and mitigation projects (HEMP Studies, etc.) for a major integrated oil company. He has developed and / or audited corporate-level HSSE Assurance Programs and HSSE Management Systems both domestically and overseas. We are looking forward to his valuable contributions to RCP and our clients.

Amber Pappas has been working for RCP as a consultant since October, 2009, and recently accepted a position as our Director of Marketing. She will work on RCP’s external marketing efforts, creating new synergies and opportunities within our industry. Her hard work and dedication in the area of public awareness / damage prevention has earned her an excellent reputation, as she is widely recognized in our industry as an expert on such matters. This, combined with her 15+ years of marketing and communications experience, will serve as an added benefit to our clients.