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RCP Services Spotlight – Pipeline Integrity Management

RCP has been involved in 28 Pipeline Integrity Management Programs to date including the development of 15 complete programs for both large and small companies or industrial facilities. RCP has experience in Integrity Management Programs for both gas and hazardous liquids pipelines. These services include the following:

  • Plan Development – RCP can start from scratch or use your existing program to complete a comprehensive plan to meet the latest regulations. RCP has a proven Risk Assessment Model to evaluate your pipeline segments and prioritize your future work as part of your Integrity Management Program.
  • Program Audits – RCP will audit your existing Integrity Management Plan using DOT/OPS protocols and make recommendations for improvements or assist you in performing the required plan modifications. Our experts have participated in several DOT audits and can provide you with valuable insight as to how your program will perform under a comprehensive DOT IMP audit.
  • Integrity Management Workshops / Training – RCP holds several DOT Workshops throughout the year which provide excellent training for those who are new to Integrity Management and for experienced pipeline professionals who need to learn the most recent changes in the regulations. We can provide this training on site at your facilities and tailor the program to your specific needs.
  • Mapping Services / HCA Assessments / NPMS Submittals/ Class Location Studies – RCP provides a host of other relates services and special projects related to all aspects of Integrity Management and DOT Pipeline Compliance.

Please Click Here if you would like information on RCP’s Integrity Management Services and receive a copy of our FREE Integrity Management CD which includes a “Bookmarked” PDF file copy of the new Gas Integrity Management Rule and one of our recent conference presentations “ Preparing for a Pipeline Integrity Management Audit – Covering All the Bases”.