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TaskOp™ for Methane Gas Reporting

TaskOp™ has helped many operators with various reporting requirements throughout the years, so this is a perfect addition to the software. TaskOp™ can also help with all the calculations that go into finding the various components that may need to be reported. If Methane Gas Reporting is an add-on to TaskOp™ that you are interested in, click here.

For TaskOp™ users that already collect field data in the software, you only need the add-on package. If you are not using TaskOp™ for field work data, you can still utilize TaskOp™ as a tool to gather, analyze and report out the data needed. You might find that using TaskOp™ is something you want to extend to other parts of your operations. Any new methane emission reporting requirements will be easier to manage in TaskOp™.

If you’d like to stay in the loop with Really Cool People on any new methane gas reporting regulations and progress of this add-on to TaskOp™, click here.