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Texas Pipeline Mapping System Updates Publication

The Texas Railroad Commission’s Pipeline Mapping System (TPMS) has adopted a new name for its Attribute Definitions, Valid Codes and Digital Projection Requirements publication. It’s now known as A Guide to Shapefile Submissions.

The TPMS is a geographic information system database that requires pipeline attributes to be represented by certain codes. A Guide to Shapefile Submissions includes the required fields that pipeline operators must follow when submitting shapefiles to pass validations. This document defines the required attribute fields within the database and explains which codes are valid representations of those attributes. The revisions to the requirements, effective Sept. 1, are in response to amendments to 16 Texas Administrative Code §3.70.

New TPMS FAQs are now available. For questions, contact TRRC’s Pipeline Permitting Section at or 512-463-7058.

Okay all of you really cool people, sit up and take notice that RCP is on the TRRC Software Vendor List for submitting digital data. The vendors on this list have represented that they offer software that allows digital submission (electronic filing) of digital map data.  TRRC staff has reviewed and approved the products and services as they pertain to TRRC’s purpose for collecting data from each vendor on this list.