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TRRC Notice to Pipeline Operators: Recent Amendments 16 TAC §3.70 and Updates to the Pipeline Online Permitting System

On September 1, 2020, the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) will require pipeline operators to file for the renewal of their pipeline permits by the last day of their designated month. This is in accordance with amendments to 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §3.70 which were adopted by TRRC on January 6, 2020 and take effect on September 1, 2020.

By changing the renewal dates, TRRC has made it more efficient to track and submit renewals for pipeline operators. Every permit must be renewed annually online using the Pipeline Online Permitting System (POPS) available in the TRRC Online System. The month that renewal is due is determined by the first letter of the operator’s name. To view the renewal schedule, visit the Texas Secretary of State website.

In addition, the amended rule outlines that late charges for mileage fees due in 2021 or later are reduced for companies who operate less than 50 total miles of permitted pipelines. The updated late charges are $125 for less than 30 days late, $250 for more than 30 but less than 60 days late, and $350 for more than 60 days late.  

Amendments to 16 TAC Chapter 8 were also adopted by TRRC on January 6, 2020. The term lease line was removed as a qualifier to determine if a pipeline needs a (T-4) permit to operate in Texas. TRRC has clarified the definition of a gathering line for permitting purposes. The changes outlined in 16 TAC Chapter 8 and §3.70 together determine which pipelines need a permit.

For questions, contact the Pipeline Permitting Section of TRRC’s Oversight and Safety Division at or 512-463-6802 for assistance. To view the original notice, visit the TRRC website.

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