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TRRC Rule Amendments & Propositions

On August 23, 2011, the Railroad Commission of Texas (TRRC) adopted some amendments to §3.80, relating to Commission Oil and Gas Forms, Applications, and Filing Requirements. The amendments revise three existing forms, add five new forms, and delete five other forms. The adoption will be published in the September 9, 2011, issue of the Texas Register with an effective date of September 12, 2011.

Also at the August 23 open meeting, the TRRC proposed amendments to two other rules. The proposed amendments to §3.78, relating to Fees and Financial Security Requirements, implement portions of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2 (First Called Session, 2011) and add surcharges to fund the Oil and Gas Regulation and Cleanup Fund.

The TRRC also proposed amendments to §8.201, relating to Pipeline Safety Program Fees, to implement provisions of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2; the amendments increase the service line fee from 70 cents to 75 cents.

The comment period for the proposed amendments to §3.78 and §8.201 end at noon on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

For more information on this and other rulemakings, or to access the online comment form for any proposed rulemakings, please see the Proposed Rules Table.