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Updated OQ Enforcement Guidance

On June 24, 2014 PHMSA published updated guidance to assist PHMSA pipeline safety investigators and other enforcement personnel in undertaking their compliance inspection and enforcement activities. Some of the changes include:

  • Added API 1161 and ASME B31Q as other Reference Material and Sources to all sections
  • Changes were made to the “Examples of Probable Violation” deleting some and adding others throughout the document.
  • Additional guidance, definitions, and information on record retention was added to sections: 49 CFR 192.801 and 195.501, 49 CFR 192.803 and 195.503, 49 CFR 192.805(b) and 195.505(b), 49 CFR 192.805(c) and 195.505(c), 49 CFR 192.805(e) and 195.505(e), 49 CFR 192.807(a) and 195.507(a), Code Section 49 CFR 192.807(b) and 195.507(b).
  • Added guidance to 49 CFR 192.805(a) and 195.505(a) requiring Operators transporting multiple commodities through its pipeline system, to clearly identify the commodity to which the covered task applies in the Operator’s covered tasks list.

The updated OQ Enforcement Guidance can be downloaded from the PHMSA website under Section III. Staff Manuals and Instructions, or click here.