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Washington State Opens Contingency Planning Rule

The Department of Ecology (Ecology) is proposing to amend the rules governing oil spill contingency plans. Chapter 173-181 Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Facility Contingency Plan and Response Contractor Standards, and Chapter 317-10 WAC, Vessel Contingency Plan and Response Contractor Standards, took effect in 1991.  These regulations help ensure that everyone involved in transporting oil is ready and equipped to respond immediately if a ship, barge, refinery, pipeline or other oil handling facility spills oil into Washington’s waters.

The rule is being amended to improve the state of readiness in Washington for large and small oil spills, to simplify the requirements for spill response contractors and plan-holders wherever possible and, in some areas, to make the rules more consistent with federal laws and standards.  The proposed rule amendment will combine the two existing rules into one, covering both vessels and oil-handling facilities.

For more information and the opportunity to comment on this rule amendment visit and scroll down to Preparedness and Contingency Plans.