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Advisory bulletin on LNG Facility Security (ADB-06-04) [Docket No. PHMSA-04-19856]

PHMSA’s pipeline safety regulations require operators to implement security measures that deter intruders. These measures include written procedures, protective enclosures, security communication, lighting, and monitoring (49 CFR part 193, subpart J). Operators must use staff who have been trained to carry out security duties through means that include security training (49 CFR 193.2709 and 2715). Operators need to implement these measures in ways that ensure personnel and systems detect trespassers and respond correctly. This Advisory Bulletin reinforces the importance of effectively implementing and thoroughly testing security procedures and systems.

A recent breach in security at an LNG facility shows the need for preparedness and vigilance. The operator discovered a breach of security at its LNG facility during routine maintenance on a gate at the side of the storage tank. Although there was no damage to the tank, intruders had broken through the gate to gain access to the tank.

Investigation revealed that the intruders had cut through the outer and inner perimeter fences and through the locked gate and gained access to the storage tank several days before the breach was discovered. A microwave intrusion system documented the intrusions on the computer monitoring system, which should have alerted operator personnel to the intrusions. Operator personnel did not respond. In the days following, personnel conducted several routine visual inspections of the area without noting the cuts in the fences. Although there was also video surveillance of the perimeter, personnel did not review the tape until they investigated the breach.

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