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Canadian EUB Issues Draft Directive 71 – Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry

Directive 071 (formerly Guide 71) was initially published in June 2003 to consolidate all of the EUB’s emergency response requirements into a single document. The next major revision to the Directive is anticipated for publication in April, 2007. As part of the review process, the EUB has been engaged with the CAPP Emergency Response Committee in revising the document. The revised EUB draft Directive 071 is now available for broader stakeholder comment below.

Bulletin 2006-46: Draft Directive 071: Emergency Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry for Stakeholder Review and Comment (Released: December 19, 2006)

Draft Directive 071 (December 2006): A significant change incorporated into the draft Directive is a new computer software program (EUBH2S) required for calculating emergency planning zones (EPZs) for sour wells, pipelines and facilities. This change has been implemented to address recommendations of the Provincial Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Sour Gas. The new draft EUBMODELS (now EUBH2S) computer software program, and supporting documentation, is now available for stakeholder comment by February 1, 2007.