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Alabama GPS Rules for Operators

Alabama Public Service Commission has incorporated a new regulation (900-7-15 (GPS Rule 15)) concerning calibration of testing and equipment. The regulation requires natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators to make sure all equipment used to verify regulatory compliance is properly calibrated on a timely basis. This includes equipment used in construction, operation, maintenance of pipelines and facilities if the equipment is used to gather correct readings/ measurements and determine safety levels. The rule requires calibration to follow manufacturer’s recommended instructions and lists instances when it must be considered. If the equipment is sent to a facility for calibration, it must be one that is approved by the manufacturer. Individuals performing calibration must be properly trained. Regulation further requires calibration procedures / processes to be incorporated into the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan. Calibration records must include the reason from regulation that required the calibration (Rule 900-7-15(3)) and verification of calibration. Maintain these records for a minimum of 10 years. 

For a copy of the administrative code, contact Jessica Foley