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National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Phase 0 for Breakout Tanks 

The approaching NPMS Phase 0 deadline, set for June 2024, marks an important moment for operators in the energy and infrastructure sector. This deadline requires operators to submit vital data regarding breakout tanks, which are integral to the management of hazardous liquids within our energy infrastructure. Furthermore, pipeline data, such as pipeline diameter, which was optional before, is now mandated for submission. The deadlines for pipeline data are March 15 for gas pipelines and June 15 for liquid pipelines. 

The inclusion of breakout tanks within NPMS Phase 0 is a significant shift toward enhanced safety, greater regulatory transparency, and increased oversight. This mandatory reporting requirement for both breakout tanks and pipeline data will empower regulatory agencies to uphold safety standards, respond promptly to incidents, and bolster emergency preparedness. Operators will need to adapt to these new reporting mandates, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and resilience of our nation’s energy infrastructure. 

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