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Damage Prevention Rule Changes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has modified its requirements for damage prevention programs in P.L. 852, No. 287 – Underground Utility Line Protection Law.  In addition to a multitude of minor and editorial changes, the law now specifically applies to unregulated gas gathering lines.  It also establishes a state-level Damage Prevention Committee, with a responsibility to:

  1. Review a report of an alleged violation of this act and damage prevention investigator findings and recommendations.
  2. Issue a warning letter to a person as deemed appropriate by the committee or as recommended by the damage prevention investigator.
  3. Issue an informal determination that imposes an administrative penalty.
  4. Require a person to attend a damage prevention educational program.
  5. Issue an informal determination that modifies or dismisses a recommendation of committee staff.

The new act takes effect 120 days after publication (And, for all of you really cool people, that’s 120 days after March 23, 2020).