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GAO Recommendations for Improving PHMSA’s Enforcement Transparency Website

As you are aware, PHMSA inspects interstate natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines, investigates accidents, and enforces laws and regulations. PHMSA puts information about its enforcement activities on its public Enforcement Transparency website. The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report and 3 recommendations related to improving the PHMSA Enforcement Transparency website.

Recommendation #1: Update PHMSA’s Enforcement Transparency website to provide complete, machine-readable data that can be downloaded in bulk and in selected subsets.

Recommendation #2:  Update PHMSA’s enforcement data to be interoperable with other relevant datasets, such as PHMSA’s accident-incident dataset (e.g., by adding a unique identifier variable.)

Recommendation #3:  Update PHMSA’s Enforcement Transparency website to provide a search function that allows users to find relevant information, which could include the ability to search by the regulation violated.

The full report and recommendations can be found on the GAO website.