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Iowa NPR Related to Intrastate Gas Pipelines and Underground Gas Storage

[Docket No. RMU-2016-0004]

The Iowa Utilities Board issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) to amend Chapter 10, “Intrastate Gas and Underground Gas Storage.” As part of a comprehensive review of its rules, the Utilities Board has reviewed its rules that establish filing requirements for companies that propose to construct, operate, and maintain natural gas pipelines. This proposed rulemaking updates the requirements for obtaining natural gas pipeline permits and is based upon the Board’s experience in recent years in reviewing petitions for permits. Stakeholder comments were sought during the Board’s review and have been considered in the proposed amendments to the rules in Chapter 10. In addition, the Board is updating the safety standards for natural gas pipelines to make them consistent with federal and industry standards since pipeline companies are required to comply with the most recent federal and industry standards.

The Board issued an order commencing rulemaking on May 31, 2019. The order is available on the Board’s electronic filing system, under Docket No. RMU-2016-0004.   For a copy of the proposed rulemaking, contact Jessica Foley.

Underground Gas Storage
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