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Louisiana 811 Dig Law

[LA Senate Bill No. 82]

Louisiana has passed Senate Bill No. 82, which affects the Louisiana 811 Dig Law. These updates become effective August 1, 2019.

This Bill updates Louisiana Statute 40:1749.13(B)(5), 1749.14(C)(1)(b)(iii) and (3) to allow Operators and Excavators to mutually agree on an extended time to mark pipelines located on or in water. This agreement must be documented. In absence of an agreement, the Commissioner of Natural Resources may delay the mark-by time of these pipelines. The current required wait time to begin excavation is two full business days from placing the one call notification.  The updated regulation also allows an Excavator additional time to renew the one call notification past the current 20 day requirement if the pipeline is on or in water and the work has not been completed.  

For a copy of the updated statues, contact Jessica Foley.