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Notes from the Public Meeting to Discuss Technical Issues Associated with the NPDES Stormwater Permit Coverage for Small Oil and Gas Construction Activities

The intent of the public meeting on May 10, 2005 was for stakeholders to have an opportunity to participate in an open discussion of the technical issues associated with controlling storm water discharges from small (1 – 5 acre) oil and gas construction activities. The Environmental Protection Agency presented the regulatory background that leads to permitting of discharge from smaller oil and gas construction sites. The Domestic Petroleum Council proposed a best management practice guidance document called RAPPS (Reasonable and Prudent Practices for Stabilization) to address environmental concerns as opposed to the permitting process and indicated that most companies are already following these BMPs. Other industry representatives made comments that reflected concerns with the permitting process. Most of the open discussion centered on options to the need for permitting. A transcript and summary of the proceedings will be made available on the Office of Wastewater Management Web site ( within 30 days after the meeting date.