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Operator Qualification for ILI

In 2001 it was recognized that the existing Operator Qualification (OQ) Rule did not cover performing an ILI or ILI data analysis as “covered tasks”. Both industry and the regulators agreed that the criticality of ILI qualified personnel for Integrity Management is necessary. ASNT agreed to aid in the development of a standard for “ILI personnel” qualification (ASNT ILI-PQ).

The recommended practice will establish the general framework for the qualification and certification of industry specific personnel using nondestructive testing methods in the employment of the ILI tools. The document will provide recommended educational, experience and training requirements for the different type of nondestructive testing methods used by ILI tools. This includes all types of tools that are used to inspect liquid and gas pipelines, such as geometric, magnetic flux, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic acoustic transmission. There are three levels of qualification I, II, III in ascending order of technical and job experience/training for two types of personnel (tool operators and data analysts). Additional information can be found at