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Petroleum and Transportation Security

Recent advances in technology have proven to increase the efficiency and control of our pipelines. However, because we have these improvements, there is the flip side to the coin. There are more opportunities for individuals to create hazards for the pipelines and the people associated with their operation. These people include employees, the community, contractors, as well as the environment. The 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and the crash of the plane in a field in Pennsylvania has served as a wake up call to the potential harm for our pipelines, refineries, chemical facilities, and our surrounding communities.

A recent article (see the hyperlink included here for a full copy of the article from cano petroleum pipeline magazine – describes a significant connection between motive and opportunity for pipeline attacks in the United States and Canada. Security experts consider pipelines, refineries, barge/vessel material transfer locations, depots, and other oil & gas facilities to be attractive targets to and both industry and government are seeking for solutions. The sixty-four dollar question is – How real is the threat to America’s pipeline industry? This includes not only the field assets, but also the other assets as well – software, SCADA data controls, community relations & trust, the economy.

As recent as Wednesday, November 3, 2004, Al Jezera Television released a video clip communicating how bin Laden seeks to bankrupt America through acts of terrorism. The industry along with a cooperative trade association and a committed Government can formulate how to prevent harm and attack, or minimize the consequence of events by finding innovative solutions. The heart of our ability to operate and grow is through the transportation of goods, especially true is energy resources.

RCP Inc. stands ready to offer probative reviews of your operations and innovative solutions to help your company avoid being the target of choice for terrorists. Don’t forget that the terrorists are not just from overseas. There is the potential for the attack to be a disgruntled individual who knows your organization or an individual who identifies a target by reviewing exposing information on an internet web site about a location or facility (especially those that contain images of key assets). These are just a couple of the items that our subject matter specialists will partner with your organization to harden your defense and provide an opportunity for your continued success. These solutions will include recommendations that will go on into providing for the future that you have worked so hard to contribute positively for years.

For more information on facility security plans for the USCG, DOT transportation security plans for pipeline, trucking and manufacturing facilities, please contact Laura Wager at or by phone at (713) 655-8080 ext 109.