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OPS Issues new FAQ’s for Gas IMP

The OPS has updated several Frequently Asked Questions for Gas Integrity Management Programs this past month. To see each response from the OPS, click on the questions below. For a list of all FAQ’s, go to .

  • FAQ-233. Does growth of an existing HCA, which introduces new length of pipeline segment into the HCA, constitute a “newly-identified HCA?” [03/14/2005]
  • FAQ-27. Can assessments performed before the effective date of the rule be relied on as baseline assessments? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-124. The rule includes many requirements that do not have specified time periods for completion. Examples include gathering and integrating data and information on the entire pipeline, updating risk assessments when the results of assessments are available and identifying HCAs for new pipe. How soon must these actions be completed? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-159. What constitutes an “incident” of the kind for which operators implementing performance-based programs must evaluate for implications to their pipelines and IM programs (192.913(b)(1)(v)? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-174. The centerline of a pipeline may not be accurately determined via GIS or other method. What provisions must be taken to address for tolerances in these measurements? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-215. ASME B31.8S states that Immediate conditions shall be examined within five days after determination of the condition. Is this 5 day requirement part of the Final Rule? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-223. What kind of data must I collect and evaluate to use stress corrosion cracking direct assessment (SCCDA)? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-224. What actions must I take on non-covered segments if I find corrosion during an assessment of segments in HCA? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-229. Must I include a safety factor when calculating an acceptable reduced operating pressure [per 192.933(d)(1)] for the interim period until immediate conditions can be repaired? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-231. What 5-year period must I consider to establish a reference pressure for stability of maintenance and construction defects? [03/09/2005]
  • FAQ-84. The Integrity Management Program portion of the rule [192.907] applies to all portions of a pipeline system that are in HCAs, including compressor stations, metering stations, and other equipment. What must an operator do to comply with the rule for these facilities? [03/04/2005]