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PHMSA Opens NPMS for Public Viewing

PHMSA has launched a new web-based tool called the NPMS Public Viewer. The Public Viewer is designed to help the public understand which transmission pipelines exist in their area and to provide a means for the public to contact pipeline operators to obtain additional information.

The Public Viewer is accessible on the NPMS web site ( The user chooses a county to view. Only one county’s pipelines may be viewed per session, but a user may re-launch the Public Viewer to see another county’s pipelines. The user may zoom in to the level shown below, view information about the pipelines (including operator name, operator contact information, and commodity carried), and print maps. Liquefied Natural Gas facilities and breakout tanks are also visible. A manual is available on the website that contains detailed instructions for using the Public Viewer. Users should read the manual before using the Public Viewer for the first time.

Additionally, PHMSA is allowing county and local government officials to share county-level previously restricted NPMS data with their partners and with the general public. This initiative will help communities manage smart growth and will provide another way for the public to view pipeline data.