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PHMSA Web Site Initiative

(from OPS’s website)

PHMSA is currently conducting a “Web Presence Needs Assessment” as part of an overall effort to improve the PHMSA websites and access to electronic information and services by PHMSA stakeholders and customers and the public. The new “One PHMSA” web presence will serve PHMSA’s stakeholders, customers, and the American public while enabling PHMSA to provide for the safe, secure, reliable, and efficient transport of products essential to America’s way of life. It will attract and retain customers by focusing on PHMSA’s mission and strengths, creating a user-friendly environment, and providing the opportunity to communicate with PHMSA. The content will be the most current information available and will be presented in a standard format. Leveraging current technology and innovations, this new web presence will:

  • Enable customers and stakeholders to find information and services faster and easier
  • Educate customers, stakeholders, and the public about PHMSA’s role and mission in the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials
  • Ensure robustness of content and data
  • Provide a wide variety of on-line transactions to customers and stakeholders
  • Foster greater two-way collaboration and communication with customers and stakeholders
  • Employ intuitive and easy-to-use features
  • Reduce costs and effort for development, maintenance, support and content management

PHMSA is looking for your input, ideas, comments, and suggestions to improve the web sites and your PHMSA web experience. Also, let us know if you experience any technical problems with the sites, or have any suggestions for improving them. Finally, let us know about the possible need for additional information or services. Please contact the “One PHMSA” Web Initiative Webmaster at to share your ideas, problems, issues, and needs.