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Pipeline Advisory Committee Meetings and Workshop Docket ID PHMSA-RSPA-1998-4470 (advisory committee)

Docket ID PHMSA-RSPA-2000-7666 (7-year reassessment workshop)

PHMSA’s Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (TPSSC) and Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (THLPSSC) will meet in a joint session on Thursday, January 17, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST to discuss PHMSA’s regulatory agenda and strategic plan. In conjunction with the advisory committee meetings, PHMSA will hold a half day public workshop on Friday, January 18, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST to gather comments on the use of the special permit process to allow gas transmission pipeline operators to vary from the 7-year reassessment interval in integrity management programs. Specifically, special permits would allow operators to tailor their reassessment intervals, based on pipe specific threats. PHMSA will ask for feedback on criteria developed for use in special permits.

The meetings will be at the Hotel Palomar Arlington, 1121 North 19th Street, Arlington, VA 22209. Members of the public may attend and may make a statement during the advisory committee meetings or during the public workshop. If you plan to make a statement please notify the relevant contact by January 9. Please note the meetings’ presiding officer may deny a nonscheduled request to make a statement and may also limit the time of any speaker.


  • Technical Advisory Committee Meetings: Cheryl Whetsel (202) 366-4431,;
  • Public Workshop on Special Permit Consideration and Criteria Discussion for 7-Year Reassessments: Zach Barrett (405) 954-5559,

PHMSA will post more detailed agendas and any additional information or changes on its web page ( approximately 15 days before the meeting date.