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Procedural Change for Annual NPMS Submission Updates

The Office of Pipeline Safety has implemented a procedural change to the pipeline operators’ annual NPMS submission updates. Operators may now perform these updates through the NPMS Web site ( Follow the link on the home page marked “Update Your Submission Online” to access this application. Through this interface, pipeline operators can inform the National Repository that their data and public contact information have not changed, or that they plan to resubmit. Operators must update their data or confirm it as accurate every 12 months in order to comply with the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002. Previously, operators could notify OPS that their data had not changed by sending an email to Although that option is still available, OPS prefers that operators update their submissions through this Web-based application.

The application allows an operator to view geospatial information, attributes, and public contact information by submission or for an operator ID (OPID) as a whole. The operator may also verify contact information and submission dates. The application will provide the annual due date for an operator’s NPMS submission. Resubmission of data will continue to be handled through the National Repository.

To access the application, pipeline operators need a Pipeline Integrity Management Mapping Application (PIMMA) username and password. If an operator already has a PIMMA username and password, he or she may use it. If an operator has forgotten his or her username or password, please contact National Repository staff at or 703-317-6205.