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RCP Services Spotlight – Litigation Support / Expert Witness Services

RCP’s professionals frequently are called upon to serve as expert witnesses or to provide other types of litigation support work. RCP has the expertise and the corporate infrastructure needed to provide results for our clients.

  • Expertise
    • RCP has the credibility that comes from conducting audits and developing programs for literally dozens of pipeline companies throughout the United States. RCP’s subject matter experts have in-depth knowledge and expertise on the DOT Pipeline Safety regulations for both gas and liquid pipelines. They are frequently called upon to make presentations at industry meetings, and are published in industry journals and magazines. For example, RCP literally “wrote the book” for DOT compliance for pipelines in the chemical industry. Many of our employees have years of relevant industry experience, including one employee who is a retired Regional Administrator for the Office of Pipeline Safety.
  • Infrastructure
    • RCP has the ability to commit significant company resources as needed to mount an effective case, including professional engineers, compliance specialists, and technical writers. We are able to generate a lot of work in a short amount of time in order to meet court or client deadlines. RCP has world-class information management systems, with impressive data management capabilities. Our organizational skills give us the ability to wade through thousands of pages of documentation to find the important documents, and the ability to organize them as needed to clearly explain the relevant facts and information. RCP also has field personnel who can provide on-the-ground support for litigation issues, including corrosion program data gathering, photography, and other measurements and data gathering
  • Results
    • RCP has successfully defended pipeline companies in both large and relatively small cases. In one case, the plaintiff totally abandoned claims related to the issues that we defended. In another case, the plaintiff dropped their request for a temporary restraining order within 24 hours of our expert’s deposition and presentation of our calculations.

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