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MaxOp® – MAOP Reconfirmation Services

RCP is the market leader in providing MAOP Reconfirmation Services, including over 100,000 miles of gas and liquid pipeline analysis and support. Whether you are just getting started, need help finishing, or not sure what to do next, RCP has a wealth of experienced professional engineers and support staff to assist in your MAOP validation efforts.

  • Turnkey: document review & imaging, data extraction, gap analysis, MAOP reporting
  • Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete (TVC): connects MAOP data to source document image files and identifies exact 192/195 code sections driving MAOP results
  • Document Grading: grade documents to determine TVC compliance
  • Audit: Provides a precise audit trail and calculation for each individual component or piece of pipe in a system
  • Written Procedures: Develop and/or improve company MAOP standards and procedures
  • Quality Assurance: review existing validation efforts, compare calculations using MaxOp*
  • Reporting: Import data to MaxOp*, export Section Q & R report, gap reports, and calculations
  • Remediation: develop risk and cost based strategies to prioritize, schedule, and mitigate MAOP gaps using pressure tests, pressure reductions, Engineering Critical Assessments, pipe replacement, or other engineering tools

For more information about RCP’s MAOP validation services or the MaxOp* calculator tool, please contact Jessica Foley.

* MaxOp is a registered trademark of RCP, Inc., in the United States. RCP holds 3 patents (#8,548,756; #8,548,757; and #8,548,758) for our industry-leading MaxOp* software and MaxOp is a registered trademark of RCP, Inc., in the United States.

TaskOp™ – Asset Management Tracking System

RCP provides a state-of-the-art, web-based Compliance Management System, TaskOp™, that is simple to use and keeps you on track with your tasks. TaskOp™ is a modular system, capable of handling implementations from basic work orders through complex, asset-driven compliance and training management solutions. TaskOp™ is fully customizable for any type of facility or regulatory requirement.

TaskOp™ helps your organization’s compliance requirements flow more efficiently in order to:

  • Delegate compliance duties effectively
  • Remind personnel of tasks through existing e-mail system
  • Track task completion with documentation
  • Alert management when tasks are not completed on time or need follow-up action
  • Smoothly interface with GIS applications
  • Ensure that all training and qualifications are completed prior to expiration

TaskOp™ is completely scalable, so RCP can manage a small division’s regulatory compliance and easily expand to handle the entire corporation’s regulatory management needs. This comprehensive system can neatly manage virtually any and all of your regulatory management requirements including: air, wastewater, hazardous waste, CFR 192/195 and safety requirements.

RCP will assist with initial implementation of TaskOp™ and provide on-going compliance management support. Because RCP incorporates web-based technology, there is no need to rely on IT while getting started. During use, if key personnel leave or other corporate changes take place, TaskOp™ can adapt and scale to keep up. Tracking compliance tasks will help maintain regulatory compliance, meet performance objectives and manage operational risk.

TestOp® – Pipeline Pressure Test Services

RCP’s personnel have established themselves as industry experts, with over 1,000 on-site pressure test validations and 200+ years of combined experience in designing, implementing and validating pressure tests for pipeline operators.

  • Develop pressure test standards and procedures
  • Review, update and consolidate company’s existing pressure test standards and procedures
  • Create standardized test plan templates
  • Assist in the design of pressure test projects
  • Develop or review test plans for upcoming tests
  • Provide on-site inspection, and certify pressure tests on-site or remotely
  • Conduct general or customized pressure test training
  • Review prior test records in preparation for an audit
  • Review pressure test records in preparation for purchase of an asset

RCP uses its proprietary pressure test certification tool, TestOp®, to plan, certify and document pressure tests. For more information or to schedule a free TestOp® demonstration fill out the form below.

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