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Amended Corrective Action Order for Enable Gas

PHMSA issued an amended corrective action order for Enable Gas due to a pipeline rupture that occurred on October 4, 2023, on its 24-inch natural gas transmission pipeline near Jessieville, Arkansas. The Enable Gas control room was alerted by the public to a possible pipeline rupture and responded to shut-in the affected segment of their 24-inch pipeline. The rupture and ignition of the pipeline caused extensive damage to nearly all aboveground piping and appurtenances at the Jessieville Junction Station. A visual inspection of the failed pipe segment by operator’s on-site personnel appeared to show an area of extensive external corrosion with one area reading 0.130 ­inches, or 46% remaining wall thickness. Prior incidents on this line occurred in 2014 and 2019 and were due to near-neutral pH stress corrosion cracking.

For more information about this CAO, please email Jessica Foley.