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ASME 2021 Global Pipeline Award

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Pipeline Systems Division presented the 2021 Global Pipeline Award (GPA) at the Rio Pipeline Conference Digital Event, November 9 – 11, 2021. This award recognizes outstanding innovations and technological advances by various organizations in the field of pipeline transportation. A project, product, device, system, service, approach or other can receive the award.

The 2021 GPA was presented to TC Energy for Plausible Profile (Psqr) Model for Metal-loss Corrosion Assessment. From Shahani Kariyawasam, TC Energy – “Annual budgets are rising as we drive towards Zero and decarbonize the energy industry. But we also have great opportunity – in the data revolution, modern computational power, and new technologies! Understanding these challenges, opportunities, and the high sensitivity of integrity actions to decision models, we pivoted to a revolutionary way of improving pipeline integrity decisions – that was not possible 30 years ago. This led to the Plausible Profiles model, which challenges traditional assumptions and removes unnecessary actions that do not reduce risk – leading to transformational value. Right work not more work brings safety and sustainability!”

The 2021 GPA Finalists:

Eddyfi Technologies        Spyne

Enbridge                          OMEGA (Optimized Management of Engineering and Geographic Assets)

Rosen                               A Unique Rota to Ultra-Deep-Water In-Line Inspection

Trapil                                T3 for Trapil Theft Tracker

Previous winners include pipeline operators Enbridge, PetroChina, and Petrobras, as well as contractors and research organizations such as Technip, DNV, Rosen, TD Williamson, and Penspen / Northumbria University.

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