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Common Ground Alliance Publishes Best Practices Version 8.0

The Common Ground Alliance has published Version 8.0 in field manual form. The entire book is also available to download (PDF) here. The new practices and modifications incorporated into the latest version include:

  • Practice 4-21, “Service Connection,” was added to chapter 4.
  • Practice 5-23 was updated to include a second paragraph within the Practice Statement that emphasizes generating the “minimum number of locate request updates necessary for the duration of the project.”
  • Practice 5-32, “Vacuum Excavation,” was added to chapter 5. A new definition for Vacuum Excavation was included within the Glossary.
  • Practice 6-16 was modified to include use of digital imagery as a method of identifying facility locations.
  • Appendix B, “Marking Guidelines,” was modified to include additional clarification on Tolerance Zone on page 79 and a modification to item 2a within the “Guideline for Operator’s Facility Field Delineation.”