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PHMSA Pipeline Safety Executive Forum April 18 – Washington, DC

The Department of Transportation/Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (DOT/PHMSA) is hosting a half-day Forum to bring together safety experts, researchers, industry representatives, State partners, other Federal agency officials as well as members of the public to share their expertise, experiences, research, and ideas regarding the status of the nation’s pipeline infrastructure and to address pipeline safety concerns that have arisen following recent pipeline incidents. The forum’s goal is to accelerate the “rehabilitation, repair, and replacement of critical pipeline infrastructure with known integrity risks.” This includes bare steel, cast iron, copper, PE or plastic pipe; pipelines with unknown or uncertain material specifications or longitudinal seams; and pipelines with questionable and unconfirmed integrity.

Space at this event will be limited, and attendance could easily exceed the meeting room capacity. Industry associations are coordinating participation in order to ensure attendance to the most pertinent representatives. We recommend that industry representatives, contractors, and consultants only register if they have been asked to do so by PHMSA or on behalf of an industry association. For more information on this Forum, contact: or click here to register.