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DID YOU KNOW? About the Furnace Rule…

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has proposed a rule, known as the Furnace Rule, that would ban the sale of non-condensing furnaces found in millions of American homes.

  • Two main types of natural gas furnace technology exist: condensing and non-condensing.  Swapping one technology for the other is not a one-for-one replacement.
  • If the Furnace Rule is finalized, Americans will either have to pay expensive retrofits to replace their non-condensing furnace, if even possible, or be forced to switch to an electric furnace.
  • About half of the country chooses to heat their homes with clean, resilient, and efficient natural gas. DOE’s proposed Furnace Rule removes consumer choice and will cost homeowners thousands of dollars.
  • The establishment of separate product classes, which APGA has petitioned DOE to establish, would allow DOE to set appropriate minimum efficiency standards for the different furnace technologies and ensure that consumers can continue to choose the appliance that best fits their needs, home, and budget.
  • APGA submitted extensive comments opposing the Furnace Rule and joined a broad coalition of trade associations and appliance manufacturers that also asked DOE to withdraw the rule.  
  • It is crucial for all stakeholders impacted by this rule, including APGA members and their communities, to continue voicing their concerns to their elected representatives and DOE.
  • APGA will be evaluating potential next steps when DOE releases a final rule, which is anticipated by Fall 2023.