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Texas Railroad Commission O&G Monitoring and Enforcement Plan

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) commissioners approved the agency’s Oil and Gas Monitoring Plan for Fiscal Year 2024. The new plan includes goals to accurately demonstrate the Commission ’s oil and gas monitoring and enforcement activities and to strategically use the oil and gas monitoring and enforcement resources. It focuses on developing a framework to describe the totality of oil and gas monitoring and enforcement efforts, beyond inspections and remediation work the agency does, which would include the extensive work that is done involving technical permit monitoring and administrative compliance enforcement.

Part of the Commission’s most recent goals are to use data from inspections, enforcement, and compliance to improve our information management systems so that they are more user-friendly for operators. That work will continue in the next fiscal year to help increase efficiency for both RRC staff and oil and gas operators.

The Fiscal Year 2024 Oil and Gas Monitoring and Enforcement Plan can be found at this link: click here.