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PHMSA Posts Voluntary PSMS Reporting Form

PHMSA has posted a report form for gas distribution pipeline operators to submit that describes their progress on implementation of API 1173, Pipeline Safety Management Systems.   Submittal of this form is voluntary and not a regulatory requirement for gas distribution operators.  PHMSA is required to collect this data to comply with Sec. 205. Pipeline safety management systems in the PIPES ACT 2020. The form and the instructions can be accessed with these links: Form or Instructions

RCP has been involved in the development and implementation of pipeline safety management systems as well as evaluating the performance and maturity of safety management systems for its clients. If your organization is just starting to think about implementation or is at some point in the implementation process, RCP has the experts that can assist you. If your organization would like to have a third-party evaluation of your safety management system, RCP has the auditors and assessors that perform those evaluations. For additional information please contact Jessica Foley.