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DOT Pipeline Compliance Workshop – August 17-18, 2005

Join us at our Houston office for an informative, lively, and interactive workshop on DOT Pipeline Compliance and API RP 1162 for DOT Pipelines. This workshop has been attended by hundreds of pipeline personnel, with excellent feedback. Day 1 provides an overview of the DOT pipeline regulations, and is appropriate for people who are new to pipeline regulations, or who could use a refresher. Day 2 covers each of the 8 elements required in RP 1162.

Day 1: Introduction to DOT/PHMSA Pipeline Regulations

  • Agency jurisdictions – what does DOT/PHMSA regulate anyway?
    • Important definitions
    • Important letters of clarification from the agency
    • Recent EPA/DOI memorandums of understanding
  • State and Federal program variations, roles and responsibilities
  • Gas and liquid design, construction, operations, maintenance, and emergency response requirements
  • Spill response planning requirements
  • How to monitor rule-making activity and stay current with your compliance program

Your Instructor for Day 1: As principal of RCP, Mr. Byrd enjoys a solid reputation for working with the public, corporate management, and regulatory agencies to resolve complex regulatory issues. He serves on various industry association committees, works as an expert witness and consulting expert, and is frequently called upon to comment on current or proposed rule-makings at public and private meetings and conferences.

Day 2: API RP1162 Overview

The final rule incorporating by reference API Recommended Practice 1162 will go into effect June 20, 2006 for both gas (192) and liquid (195) pipeline operators. The Public Awareness/API RP1162 Overview will cover each of the 8 elements required in RP1162. The session will also include additional information about the more complex elements of stakeholder audience identification, communication methods and evaluation of effectiveness. The session will be taught by a leader in the development of RP1162 who understands the background and intent of the rule as well as the language.

Your Instructor for Day 2: Susan D. Waller has over twenty-five years of pipeline experience and has been responsible for developing and implementing effective pipeline awareness communication programs throughout North America. Ms. Waller helped lead the development of API’s Recommended Practice 1162, Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators.

Increase your understanding of this new rule by attending Day 2 of the Workshop.

For additional information, including a seminar brochure, go to our website here.