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Integrity Management Notification for Gas Transmission Lines

Current regulations (49 CFR 192, Subpart O)  require operators of gas transmission lines to notify OPS and state pipeline safety agencies of certain events related to integrity management programs for gas transmission lines. Operators are required to notify OPS of each of the following events: a) when the operator makes substantial changes to the operator’s integrity management program, b)  when the operator plans the use of technology other than in-line inspection, pressure testing, or direct assessment to perform assessments of pipeline integrity, and c). when the operator cannot meet the schedule required for remediating an identified condition and cannot provide safety through a temporary reduction in operating pressure or other action.  The Office of Pipeline Safety has issued an Advisory Bulletin (ADB-05-04) to provide guidance on notifying OPS and state agencies and describes OPS’ review of notifications. OPS expects this bulletin to improve the efficiency of the notification and review process.

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