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FERC Workshop; Better Stakeholder Involvement: How to Make It Work

The Office of Energy Projects is continuing the second phase of its Better Stakeholder Involvement Series with a workshop to be held in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, August 8, 2002 at the Red Lion Hotel Denver Central, 4040 Quebec Street, Denver, Colorado 80216, phone number 1-303-321-6666.  Interstate natural gas companies; Federal, state and local agencies; landowners and other non-governmental organizations interested in developing strategies for involving people in the pre-filing planning process for natural gas pipelines are invited to attend.

Discussion will include ideas outlined in staff’s December 2001 report: “Ideas for Better Stakeholder Involvement In The Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Planning Pre-Filing Process” (available on FERC’s web-site at   The intent is to identify ways to assist all involved parties in working together to resolve issues early in the pipeline planning process; help companies prepare and file complete applications; and to expedite the Commission’s regulatory process, where appropriate.  The Denver workshop will focus on methods of communication and the dissemination of information to the stakeholders.  The workshop will include presentations from panel members sharing their experiences, and an open discussion forum for all participants.  The merits of any pending or planned pipeline projects will not be discussed.

If you plan to attend or have suggestions for the agenda, please respond by Friday, August 2, 2002 via facsimile to Roberta Coulter at 202/208-0353, or you may email the team at:  Please include in the response the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all attendees from your organization.  Please consider, and forward to FERC, issues and/or questions you would like to have addressed at the meetings.  If you have any questions, you may contact any of the staff listed below:

Lauren O’Donnell  202/208-0325
Jeff Shenot  202/219-2178
Howard Wheeler  202/208-2299

Preliminary Workshop Agenda
The Denver meeting will be an interactive workshop that provides time for communication among the stakeholder groups.  The meeting is geared toward brainstorming and idea generation.  Speakers will address the following topics to set the stage for discussion.

Discussion Topics
* Elements of Company Public Participation Plans: Getting the Word Out
* The Land Agent’s Viewpoint: Making Contact
* Project-Specific Website Development: Demonstrations
* Maintaining the Agency/Company Relationship: A Case Study
* Working with State and Federal Agencies: How Early is Too Early?
* The Citizen Perspective: Before You Come On My Land